elcome to Donegal Yarns the genuine and original producer of Donegal (Tweed) effect Yarns for both weaving and knitting.

Nestled between the hills of South West Donegal and the Atlantic Ocean, Donegal Yarns Wool spinning Mill can trace its origin back to the centuries old tradition of homespun Donegal (tweed) effect yarns. View the Company History

These (tweed) effect yarn burst onto world markets over a hundred years ago and gave its name to the internationally famous “Donegal Tweed” woven fabric. The Birth of Donegal Tweed

The Company today operates a complete production process from raw wool to a finished multicoloured fleck yarn targeted at the weaving, knitting and craft industry.

All production is carried out in our traditional wool spinning mill in Kilcar.

A team of Twenty-one people using skills handed down through the generations work to produce these unique Donegal (tweed) effect yarns. – (A process that takes some 4 to 5 weeks).

Three separate Donegal effect ranges are produced Aran Tweed, Celtic Tweed and Soft Donegal as well as the traditional Irish Heather 3ply range.

All manufacturers using our Donegals are licenced and issued with certificates so that you in turn are guaranteed that the product you purchase contains the genuine, unique, natural and original “Donegal” manufactured by Donegal Yarns, the home of Donegal (Tweed) Effect yarns. View our products for more details.

For further information see: - Certificate of origin and licensed manufacturers sections of this website.